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7 Best Ravencoin Wallet in 2021

ravencoin wallet

Ravencoin is a Bitcoin fork. A dedicated peer-to-peer asset transfer forum Ravencoin allows you to trade on any real-time assets such as gold or digital assets such as software licenses. Ravencoin is mostly a very new coin, launched in January 2018.

Ravencoin is developed on a Bitcoin (BTC) code fork based on the Bitcoin protocol UTXO model's comprehensive development and testing. Ravencoin is designed to prioritize user access, protection and censorship resistance.

Three types of Ravencoin tokens on their network – unique tokens, incentive tokens, and non-asset tokens as per Ravencoin wallet update.

The top 7 wallets in 2020 are:

  • Trust Wallet
  • Ravencoin Desktop Wallet
  • Trezor Wallet
  • Edge Wallet
  • Ravencoin Paper Wallet
  • Pocket Raven Web Wallet
  • Guarda Wallet

1 Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet is a Smartphones (iOS and Android) multi-coin wallet created for a company called "Six Days LLC" (US Office). Forty-two cryptocurrencies and over 2.000 various ERC20 tokens are sponsored.

The wallet name ("Trust") should suggest already the emphasis of the wallet the developers focussed on: security and anonymity. Stateful Safety Company audited the Trust Wallet in compliance with these criteria.

The wallet also runs in a server-free setting to install each wallet locally and store the private keys only locally. This ensures that no private key is available by either the developer or third parties.

Trust wallet is one of the most secure wallets supporting Ravencoin and several other cryptocurrencies. After Binance gained the trust, the reputation of the trust became higher. It offers an end to privacy where you can make high-security transactions where you can fully control your private keys. 

You can download it from your Android and iOS mobile devices.

2 Ravencoin Desktop Wallet

The official wallets of cryptocurrency developers are the safest and most secure way to use a free wallet. And Ravencoin is the same. The official RVN Wallet is our first option for Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

We need to be aware that this is a full node wallet which downloads a whole blockchain. This is possibly a considerable drawback, particularly for beginners and occasional users because it is essential to download the whole blockchain and continue synchronization.

Ravencoin suggested a minimum of 8 GB of free memory when he wrote, which would rise over time. Computers will be faulty, or the wallet will be installed, a backup seed can be generated on another computer.

Ravencoin also has its official desktop wallet that supports all operating systems—Mac, Windows, and Linux—so you don't have to modify or upgrade your operating system. They are among the most reliable wallets before and until your device is hacked or hit by a virus.

You need to save your 12 wallet seed words because this is the only way to get your wallet back. The best part is that it has been tagged as one of the best. Ravencoin wallets on Mac, categorizing it as one of the top Ravencoin wallets in 2020.

3 Trezor Wallet

Trezor wallet seems to have developed its strength in its security architecture and its built-in adaptability to future growth through the Open-Source firmware. 

Physically, the inclusion of the RGB LCD panel has an immediate appeal. There is some agreement that the rise in Model T's price over the previous models is disproportionate to the value-added.

A great feature added to this is the system authentication that needs to be done on your device even before it is connected to your computer. The system is designed to draw power from your machine if and only if you have successfully entered the security code; thus, USB communication is very tamper-proof.

4 Edge Wallet

Edge wallet is one of the most prestigious multi-currency wallets that even beginners can use. You can buy, store and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies in a single app, where you have complete control over your private keys. Edge focuses on user privacy and protection while adhering to state-of-the-art technologies where users can have safe access with just a PIN or touch ID.

5 Ravencoin Paper Wallet

A wallet of paper is nothing but the private keys being written on a sheet of paper. Paper wallet generators also print QR codes to make the transfer of tokens easier.

But the biggest attraction of a paper wallet is that it has nothing to do with the internet, which means that there is no way for a hacker to steal your coins. It makes the Ravencoin wallet's security too high, as the user himself must ensure that the printed paper stays stable.

6 Pocket Raven Web Wallet

The Pocket Raven is Ravencoin's official website. The benefit is that it is configured super quickly and does not require users to upgrade periodically (like a desktop or mobile wallet). A username and password are enough to create the wallet.

To create the wallet. Therefore, the use of a Ravencoin wallet is quite easy. The private keys are not saved on a corporate computer, as opposed to other online wallets.

The creators of the wallet never "see or store" private keys according to the Pocket Raven website. The Cloudflare service also uses Full SSL and logs barely anything according to its own statements (only the accesses, but not the IP addresses).

Pocket Raven is an open-source wallet written in JavaScript, providing a completely transparent and multi-purpose solution that works seamlessly with Raven. You get easy access to the online wallet, where you have full control over your private keys.

With Pocket Raven wallet, you can seamlessly build, verify, and broadcast transactions with minimal effort. This online wallet is one of the best Ravencoin wallets in the Ravencoin review.

7 Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet is the world's leading multi-purpose wallet for sending, receiving, exchanging, handling and storing coins from over 40 blockchain and thousands of tokens. It also supports reading addresses and delegations for humans.    

The wallet offers users complete privacy and protection, particularly with its multi-signature feature, so that users can validate transactions with two or more signatures. 

A non-custodial wallet, rather than encrypting the backup and holding on the user's device, does not store any personal information.

With its Site, Desktop, Smartphone (iOS, Android) and Chrome extension-compatible interfaces, the wallet is very user-friendly. Guarda also has an integrated exchange and staking option.

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