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Best Crypto Picks in December

Best Crypto Picks in December

I'm going to give you 5 best crypto picks that you have to keep your eye on during the current bull run, these low-cap projects will be projects with great potential for anywhere from 10-100X. 

Do your own research, of course, but these are projects that I think you should at least be monitoring for good entry points.


A project barely over a month old that's doing big things. Like most projects, after its launch and it had quite a tumble. It's hard for projects to be able to match their launch hype and this one had a lot, especially if you launch like this one did right after DeFi collapsed. 

This project is a revolutionary trading platform trying to solve a lot of traders' nightmares. Zenfuse is in its initial stages of securing exchange listings and other industry connections that will take them to the next level. 

Along with being a solution for traders, Zenfuse is also trying to work on  a solution for spending crypto, which, as we've noted with both the card and the BlockCard by Ternio, it's a huge industry with a lot of potential and big players.

Zenfuse is currently creating its own debit card to jump into that game. After their private token raise of over a million dollars, Zenfuse immediately created a partnership with Blockpit. This is the biggest European crypto RegTech provider. 

Now, why is this significant? Why do you care about that? Well, one of the biggest problems and nightmares for traders is the complex and overcomplicated tax codes and regulations from countries around the world. 

This partnership with Blockpit allows Zenfuse users to get real-time transaction analysis that will optimize their trading based on taxes. You have to think of it kind of like this.

If you make a trade and you make $100, but this $100 would affect your tax bracket, or the amount owed by more than $100, then that trade wouldn't be worth it. You have to remember, you don't always make money when you make money. 

You have to take much more than  simply dollars or percentages gained, and Zenfuse will help you with this.


It's a community governance project within DeFi, similar to another project a lot of people are super bullish on, which is DMG. But let's look at the price. 

After we covered it, it went on to almost 20X at its peak. Not a bad run by any stretch. But, just like we saw with many of our other projects we covered during that time, it collapsed due to the fleeting market. 

DeFi was all the rage until it wasn't. LOCK got hit hard and now is down about 80% from its peak. But, you see, here's the thing, When people watch prices go up, they get FOMO (the fear of missing out)  But they miscount for the opposite of  FOMO which is fear. 

When prices return to normal, people begin to fear that the drops will never stop. Right now, LOCK, the token of Meridian Network, is at 8¢ after being over 60¢.


SmartCredit is a DeFi crypto lending solution. They basically assign credit scores to people in DeFi to determine their ability to borrow. 

Because let's think about this logically. If  DeFi really is the end-all and be-all in finance, then we need solutions to every single financial problem. And credit is the most obvious glaring weakness of DeFi in my opinion.

We can all borrow money based on crypto collateral and it's instant. You collateralize, you get approved for a loan, and the money comes seamlessly. No going to the bank. No embarrassing conversations. No rejections. 

People shouldn't know why you need money though honestly. It should be automated. And DeFi solves this. But what about people who can't collateralize because they need money? That's the whole point of borrowing money and credit. 

We need some type of solution for that. And finally, we have one with SmartCredit.


API is a concept in software technology that essentially refers to how multiple applications can interact with and obtain data from one another. 

Basically, the main use I encounter is getting certain software to interact with other software, like website to website technology, API3 is a project built to be the next Chainlink killer as it is an oracle project. 

It aims to connect API data feeds with blockchain. And a lot of people believe this one could be one to eat away from Chainlink's oracle dominance.

Now, one reason why these Chainlink competitors are so popular as alternatives is because many of these companies seeking to link their data to blockchain will use multiple oracle solution providers, so even though Chainlink is the bully on the block, there's still plenty of room for other players. 

One company you may have heard of involved in this project is Pantera Capital, one of the most well-known blockchain investment funds in the world. Maybe the most well-known. There's a lot here that you need  to be paying attention to.


With the markets falling a bit today, this could be your last best chance  to get in on this project. When I first started covering it, the price was around 300 bucks. 

After a 10X, right out of the gate, it's falling back to about $2500 per coin or per token. An absolute steal if you ask me. The key here is to look at not only what the project is doing, which we've done extensively, but the key is the tokenomics of YFDAI.

They are some of the best  in the entire crypto game, and somehow, I have no idea how, this project's barely over at $10 million cap. There are only a little over 4,000 tokens in circulation right now. And they are also burning a lot of tokens. So while the max supply is only 21,000, it's going to end up being much lower than that due to their burning mechanisms. 

This project is in its last days of being a low cap gem. with barely over a $10 million market cap, it's almost out of what I consider to be a low cap. But this market cap is going to get huge. If you miss out on this one, you're gonna be kicking yourself big time down the road. 

YFDAI, like many of the projects discussed today, is available on or

What do you guys think? Which projects that are low cap gems are you looking at?

Yulina Firmansyah
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