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DeFi : Stocks of Giant Tech are Now Available

DeFi : Stocks of Giant Tech are Now Available

Decentralized stock trading on giant mainstream tech platforms; Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook is now one of the first Decentralized Finance (Defi) protocols for cross-chain derivative trading.

In a collaboration with Terra (an algorithmically-designed seignior age share style stable-coin platform, launched in 2018), and the band protocol, Defi's financial support protocol, Injective, and Defi added stock trading (Cross-chain data oracle that aggregates and connect the smart contracts with real-world data and APIs, launched in 2020).

The platform would benefit from the inclusion of Terra and Band Protocol as Terra provides inventories and Band will provide price data through advanced oracle technology. The initial shares presented on the decentral exchange are Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.

It is the first product offering of its kind in decentralized finance. Injective lists stocks in their Injective Solstice V2 network for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google which they refer to as FANG that previously gave high returns for investors.

In USDT even FANG stocks can be purchased (stable digital cash). Additional zero gas fees would be paid to stock traders, which is very interesting, as traders are typically charged large gas charges.

Eric Chen, CEO of the Injective Protocol said:

"Today billions of people worldwide do not have access to investment in stocks, although the current networks are gateways and technological challenges. Injective helps to correct these critical questions seamlessly, so that everyone can exchange inventories free of charge."
A high-speed two derivatives exchange, which developed with Cosmos SDK, lists conventional shares on Thursday. Initially, users will be enabled to trade with FANG stocks with others will be listed later.

Furthermore, the leading exchange (FRTX) focuses on advancing the industry, as Airbnb has listed, placing it ahead of Nasdaq. All the above developments strongly show that Defi is prosperous and that it can be followed soon by giants entering.

( But Maybe AIRBNB Must Not Be Overrated )

As of December 16, Airbnb's (NASDAQ: ABNB) inventory is more than twice as high as its $68 IPO price at $139.28. Here's the thing, however.  The Airbnb stock assessment may not be too high in some ways. 

Airbnb raised $3.49 billion on 10 December and now outstanding shares of $600,448 million, provided that underwriters purchase full shares. It means Airbnb is now worth $83.89 billion.  However, there is a way to see the valuation of this company, even at this level is not unreasonable.

As a decentralized derivatives exchange platform, Injective Protocol will soon start trading in tokenized inventory of major companies such as Google.

  • Injective said on Monday, oracle technology will provide decentralized pricing data from beyond conventional market hours for its new market and historic price data to allow trade 24 hours a day.
  • The Injective Solstice V2 network can be abused by users to exchange inventories with the tether stabilizer (USDT) "in a fully decentralized manner with zero gas fees," said Injective.
  • Airbnb, Amazon, and Google are initially sold as stocks and more businesses will be launched in the future.
  • "Still billions of people around the world cannot access stock investment, while the existing platforms are gatekeeping and are facing technical challenges," said Eric Chen, CEO, Injective Protocol.
netflix bitcoin

Netflix's Executive wants to have bitcoin as a global currency.

David Wells, Chief Financial Officer of Netflix, shares his excitement about Bitcoin and how it is shaping up to be the global currency of most big industries.

David Wells (Netflix CFO) expressed excitement about Bitcoin at the City Internet, Media and Telecommunications Conference and how it is being created to become the digital currency of most major industries.

Wells said, according to the Market Realist, a leading investment research institution that dealt with the event:

“It sure would be nice to have Bitcoin in terms of a global currency that you could use globally.”
MR researcher Shirley Pelts explained in a five-part series titled "Tools in Netflix's Wheelhouse to Meet International Challenges" that Netflix is actively investigating bitcoin payments as fraud and criminal activity are increasing in cases that focus on card payments and prepayment.

Netflix provides a wide variety of payment options to our customers and content creators, beyond the conventional area of banking and credit card payments, in comparison to many streaming and digital content delivery networks.

For example, consumers from under banked countries such as Argence, India, and under 18 can get a variety of gift cards at physical locations like gasoline stations and convenience stores to pay for Netflix services from users unreadable to bank / credit card applications.

In June 2015, Libran Research & Consulting and CashStar, a provider of prepaid business solutions, co-released a study entitled "Gift Cards Through Consumer Eyes" to analyze the ecosystem and industry surrounding the distribution of gift cards.  

In their research, the two companies claimed that the sale of gift cards exceeded $129 billion in 2015, underlining its rapid growth compared to other conventional payment tools, including credit and debit card services. 

However, like many other financial instruments, a rapid increase in growth is also associated with an increasing number of fraud cases, due to the emergence of hackers and criminals trying to bypass the system. 

A veteran of security and an expert in cryptography, Tony Martin-Vegue wrote in a study that bypassing the security of a gift card and essentially doubling its balance is not a difficult operation and can be completed with a fairly shallow knowledge of security.

"This kind of fraud is very small and does not lead to big losses for the retailer, but it is a shock to the consumer that the card recipient attempts to reclaim it and discovers the balance to be zero," Martin-Vegue said.
The Netflix financial team and CFO David Wells regard Bitcoin as a more realistic and cost-effective alternative to gift cards.

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