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Top 7 Blue Chip DeFi Coins for 2021

Top 7 Blue Chip DeFi Coins for 2021

Seven coins to $7 million! Is that even possible? Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. According to a leading coin researcher and analyst, these 7 DeFi coins are enough to get you there. Find out what these cryptocurrencies are and why it's not too late for you to get that seven-figure to come up.


What if I tell you there is a token that is worth more than the bitcoin? The token is just four months old and has already gained popularity more than most crypto coins.

In early 2020, the author of the yearn protocol Andre Cronje, while solving his overhead of choosing between the lending protocols every day, automated this whole process to select the most optimal strategy for his stable coin. 

The most important thing about YFI is the Yearn protocol. In essence, this protocol is a yield optimizer that focuses on maximizing DeFi capabilities by automatically switching between different lending protocols. It does so by creating a pool for each stable coin.

By depositing a stable coin to a pool, the user receives their Y tokens that are the yield-bearing equivalence of the deposited coin.   

YFI has crushed it in 2020, so have a ton of other projects on this list. Our concern with this finance coin that helps automatically regulate interest rates on yield farming projects is that it will be hard for it to outperform its 2020 numbers.     

In my opinion, ‘Yearn finance’ will undoubtedly increase in value in 2021. But will it outperform others on the list? That is the top question.


Maybe you know that Synthetix is the top DeFi pick for 2021. It's a blue-chipper and a legit monster of a project. I believe its potential to outperform its 2020 performance is almost a slam dunk.    

Synthetix is trying to do something insane. Last year, the BISS exchange in China was closed down and raided because they were selling American stocks. 

We still have some tight fences around certain assets in this borderless digital economy, and people take that seriously.

But the demand around the world for American stocks is exceptionally high. SNX is making it where anyone worldwide with a smartphone can buy any asset around the globe without the worry of regulation or breaking the law.    

This is huge not only for crypto but also for the world economy, and it has the highest upside of all the projects covered today.


Kind of like Yearn, it could have already seen its best days blowing away the competition. But it believes that Curve, which helps exchange stablecoins for wrapped versions of Bitcoin, still has many potentials.    

He believes that an investment in Curve will net you over 2000% returns next year. The exciting thing with Curve to me is that I think for a project like Curve to continue to prosper,    

We need DeFi itself to keep building back the momentum it had over the summer. And while that certainly can happen, there's also a chance that a new niche becomes the hottest trend, and DeFi numbers continue to stall out.    

Now, while it is unlikely if that does happen, Curve doesn't have a shot for gains that big. But I do believe, no matter what, Curve increasing in value is a lock. The question is by how much.


Earlier this year, COMP token took the world by storm. Pretty much establishing DeFi as a go-to pick for moneymaking in 2020. Compound 10X'ed right out of the gate and unseated MakerDAO as a top strictly decentralized finance project. 

I expected Compound to have a significant pullback, and it certainly did give up the top spot, but it has continued to be one of the biggest and most reputable projects in DeFi. 

The Compound serves as a lending protocol for people to collateralize their crypto.

Borrowers can put up crypto as collateral to take out a loan so they don't have to burn through their crypto and can change it out for cash. 

Those who supply the loans can get significant returns on their investments, so it's a win-win for both investor and borrower.    

The Compound has the largest network in DeFi and the most amount of money locked onto its market in crypto, so there's still a lot of room for Compound to the Compound.


We recently had founder Alex Mashinsky, also the creator of Voice Over IP known as VOIP. Celsius is another project that clocked in an unbelievable 2020, so it could be hard to top next year. But you can stand assured that Celsius is going to increase in value.

Celsius offers a lot of value to its investors through staking products. Celsius is one of the most legit projects in all of crypto and has been around for years. 

Its vision is to bring more people into crypto for a long time. They said the next 100 million people explicitly. 

But PayPal may have already cornered that market because they brought in 350 million people, so, now, Celsius may be helping us bring in the first half a billion folks. 

Celsius is also aiming to be a competitor to big banks, and we all hate them! When Celsius wins, banks fail.


This is a project I left off our top coins of 2021 list for DeFi but warranted a lot of consideration. I firmly believe that decentralized exchange tokens are going to be a significant niche in 2021. They already were in 2020.

But I believe that DEX tokens have still yet to have their real heyday. Most of the influx of new people into crypto don't even know or care about decentralized exchanges. Trust me; I talk to a lot every day.

When they figure out their upside, it will be an explosive time for anything in the DEX niche. The Uniswap token gets a lot of hype, but, to me, Balancer is at least just as good, but it has a lot more room to grow.  

We love potential on this channel, and the BAL token has it. Teeka Tiwari believes a 100X or more is in store for Balancer. And while some people may think he's a little off his rocker, I think he's quite balanced. Too bad dad jokes in a row.


Aave right now is already the big dog in DeFi. If you're looking for the closest thing to Bitcoin or Ethereum in decentralized finance, Aave is thus far the best we have right now. 

While there's no guarantee that it will continue to be the top spot, I think it pretty well is assured it will remain near the top.

I don't see this advanced flash loan ecosystem falling to the wayside anytime in 2021. Aave is emerging as a sort of first-mover in a lot of areas and offers security to investors. But here's the thing about Aave. 

It offers security to institutions and whales, getting 10% on their money in the form of interest while investing in an asset that at the moment seems very stable and very secure is a big win for Aave. And this is why it remains atop the DeFi heat.

But let me know what you think. What projects are you looking at in DeFi?

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